Forest Raised Pork Share


  • This will be a one time pick-up from one of our csa drop off spots on a Wednesday, or one of our farmers markets on a Saturday.
  • A full share will include 2 pork chops, 2 lbs bacon, 2 lbs hot breakfast sausage, 2 lbs mild breakfast sausage, 2 lbs ground pork, 2 lbs bratwurst, 2 lbs chorizo, and 2 lbs italian.
  • The sausage sampler includes 1 lb each of hot breakfast, mild breakfast, bratwurst, chorizo, and italian.
  • Our pigs are born and raised here on the farm in large rotational forest paddocks with supplemental feed from an Alabama feed mill that sources Alabama grown non-gmo ingredients.
  • They are a cross of two heritage breeds, both known for their gentle, lovable natures and their ability to thrive in natural farming systems(aka they have not been bred to live in confined spaces on concrete and only eat corn and soybeans.) Berkshires are known the world over for their exceptional tasting meat. Less well known(actually listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy), but equally sought after in the culinary underground, is the Large Black Pig breed- dating back to the 1600's in England when pigs were bred for personality and taste by the people who were going to care for and ultimately bring them to table. The only way these genetics will be preserved for future generations is if small farms like ours and our customers continue appreciating and enjoying the heritage that these great animals represent.

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