Announcing Our 2018 CSA’s

4 ways to help our farm grow!

The Salad CSA
An easy way to make sure your diet each week includes super fresh, super nutritious, and super delicious greens and vegetables. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and we like to think of it as an investment on your part in our farm. You pay up front for your CSA membership and your weekly deliveries are your shares of our production; you have essentially become part owners– welcome to the Farm-ily!

The Flower CSA
Another beautiful way to stay connected to the seasonality of life on the farm. Each week you receive the freshest blooms arranged into a market-style bouquet. Flowers are proven to make us happier and we believe mental health is every bit as important as physical health, and really the two rely upon one another. Not to mention how notorious the modern flower industry is for importing from places that allow heavy chemical usage and mistreatment of their workers. That doesn’t make anyone happy. To the contrary our flowers are Certified Naturally Grown and play a vibrant role in our farm ecosystem and beautify the farmscape.

Heritage Breed Pork Share
Part of our holistic farm management includes utilizing the woods surrounding our gardens to raise pigs. They add a lot of character to the farm and turn acorns and vegetable waste into bacon and sausauge!

Farmers Market Credit
If you prefer to shop with us at the farmers market but would still like to invest in the success of the coming season, this is a great option. It is basically a way to loan the farm seed money and collect interest in the form of produce. By supporting us this way you get an extra 15% to spend with us at market!

Thank You!
Your support is crucial to the success of small farms like ours because your investment provides us with the capital needed to begin another season. We use the money you have invested in our business to purchase seeds, make repairs, upgrade equipment, and of course pay the farmers. By becoming a member of a CSA you are taking part in the symbiotic relationship between our farm and your table. You are committing yourself to eating and shopping mindfully, locally, and seasonally.

By supporting Hepzibah Farms specifically you are also committing to the concept of growing sustainably. That means no pesticides or herbicides; minimal use of machinery and non-renewable resources; integration of multiple biological processes (like using pigs and chickens’ natural behavior to prepare the ground and improve soil quality). In turn, for your support we promise be as simple and sustainable as we can and to grow you the most delicious and healthful varieties of produce, and freshest flowers that we can.