Announcing Our 2014 CSA

We at Hepzibah Farms are happy to announce that our CSA went so well last year that we’re doing it again, with a couple small tweaks.

If you’re a little fuzzy on how exactly CSAs (which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, by the way) work, it just means that in exchange for an upfront price, you get way more than your money’s worth of fresh, sustainably-grown produce (and other neat stuff!) delivered weekly, from April 30, 2014 through Nov 19, 2014.

Join our CSA

What you can expect: The CSA runs for a total of 30 weeks, and in each week’s CSA box, you’ll get a variety of seasonal produce, plus often a little something extra like herbs, seeds, or popcorn.  We can’t say precisely what will be in each box each week, but they’ll start out with stuff like lettuce, kale, potatoes, chard, radishes, mustard greens, carrots, onions, peas, and collards.  And then later on you’ll start seeing tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, melons, okra, field peas, beans, eggplant, peppers, and winter squash.  Because they taste great, are healthier, and help preserve genetic diversity, we plant lots of different kinds of each vegetable. Wait till you try Purple Peruvian potatoes, Violet’s Multicolored lima beans, Alabama Red okra, Lousiana Long Green eggplant, and Matt’s Wild Cherry tomatoes.  Oh, and each week we’ll also include a couple of our favorite recipes that make good use of what’s in the box.

Who we are: If you haven’t heard of us, or even if you have, you should know some more about how we grow things.  As simply and sustainably as we can.  That means no pesticides or herbicides; minimal use of machinery and non-renewable resources; integration of multiple biological processes (like, for example, using pigs and chickens’ natural behavior to prepare the ground and improve soil quality); and growing the most delicious and interesting heirloom varieties we can find.  And if we ever include something we didn’t grow (like if the weather’s terrible or if one of our farmer friends has something we think you’ll like), we guarantee that it will have been farmed in keeping with those same standards.

Why it’s good for you: Signing up for the CSA means that for 30 weeks you’re guaranteed to have fresh, delicious, local, competitively priced fruits and vegetables around the house.  And you won’t have to deal with the hassle of shopping for this stuff each week (or feeling a little guilty for not shopping for it).  You’ll also be forging a meaningful connection with your food and the people that grow it.  In fact, you’re welcome to come out to the farm any time to see how the magic happens.

Why it’s good for us: If you’re curious, selling CSA shares is great for us for at least a couple reasons.  First, it provides the farm with income early in the year, which removes a bit of uncertainty and lets us get started on all kinds of farm improvement projects (like building a portable greenhouse and breeding our two sows).  Second, it helps foster a sense of community around, and increased interest in, food and food issues, which is a big reason we started the farm in the first place.

Price stuff: This year, the upfront price we mentioned above is $600 (or $550 for returning members).  That’s a little more than last year but we’ve increased the number of weeks it’ll run, so each week you’ll still be getting at least $20 worth of deliciousness.  We’ve got a couple different payment options: (1) one payment of $600, which gets you a free Hepzibah Farms t-shirt, a lovely bouquet, and a dozen eggs, or (2) $300 now and $300 before July 1. Returning members, you guys are guaranteed a spot if you sign up by the end of February.

How to sign up: You can order your CSA share at  While you’re there, you’ll see that we’re doing essentially the same thing with flowers and eggs, so feel free to add on either or both.  If you have any questions, you can reach us at or at 256.DIG.GROW or at Pepper Place starting this spring(!).

What else?:  If you’re still reading, thanks a lot and we really hope you’ll sign up!  But if you can’t right now, or if it doesn’t really fit with how you do things, feel free to (a) forward this email to anyone you think might be interested, and (b) come see us at Pepper Place!